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Active families are relying more and more on technology to assist them to control and monitor many of their home systems. ConnectSmart Systems provides affordable surveillance solutions that allow you to view the events and activities at your home from anywhere, using your smartphone or compatible Internet-connected device.  

We offer a complete line of High Definition (HD) IP MegaPixel Cameras that give you a crystal clear view and video recording options with up to 24TB HDD of storage. Our Camera Systems are professionally installed and backed by the manufacturer's three-year warranty.

Visit our Connected Home page to learn more about our smartphone-connected automation system.

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4 Reasons to Invest in Home Surveillance

Video Surveillance Cameras installed at your home will help to deter crime. While they don't prevent break-ins, they can provide investigators with valuable crime solving information. Solving a crime quickly can increase the likelihood of recovering your stolen property.

Remote Monitoring
With recent advances in technology, you can easily monitor your home from anywhere you are with your compatible Internet connected device.

Leaving your home empty for an extended period of time can cause some people to be a bit nervous. Security cameras with remote viewing capabilities can provide just the peace of mind that you need to enjoy your vacation, while still being able to look in on your home.

Until recently, surveillance equipment has been cost prohibitive for most residential security system customers. However, with a wide variety of technology in a highly competitive marketplace, that has changed. High Definition surveillance systems have never been more affordable.