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ConnectSmart Systems is your local Dealer for 2GIG EDGE and GoControl Encrypted Security Products.

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Security Alarm

Based on statistics released by the FBI, it's estimated that a burglary takes place once every 3.5 seconds and with an average cost to the business owner of $1,729.00. So we understand that protecting your business property is very important.

Whether your business is in a retail mall, a free-standing structure, or you're just interested in having us evaluate and monitor an existing alarm system, we value the opportunity to be involved in the process.

We'll work with you to establish your first line of defense and help you to protect your profits and secure your peace of mind.

Be Aware

Tips for Preventing Crime

The following tips were developed from discussions with multiple small business owners:

  • Be alert and aware that a customer has walked into your business. Do not stereotype a customer, for looks can be deceiving.
  • Acknowledge all customers. Make eye contact with them as you say hello.
  • Protect yourself and your employees. Know where the phone is, or keep one close.
  • Know your inventory and where it's located, so you will quickly recognize when something is missing
  • Keep valuables clearly insight and close to the check out. This helps to discourage theft.
  • Remove blind spots. Arrange aisles and shelving to provide a clear view of all customer traffic and merchandise.
  • Know your neighboring business owners and work together. Keep an eye out for one another.

Business Security

Protecting People, Property, and Profits

In order to compete in today's market place, business owners need solutions that directly combat loss and liability concerns. Security Alarm systems are front line technologies that business owners deploy to deter and detect unwanted or unauthorized entry into their businesses. Many insurance companies are now requiring them. 

Protect the ability of your alarm system to transmit its alarm signals to the Central Station by incorporating a GSM, LTE, or IP alarm system communicator. 

When an alarm system, connected to a traditional landline, has its phoneline cut, no signals will be sent, as its communication capabilities have been severed.

ConnectSmart Systems offers a variety of affordable communicators that will ensure that your alarm system has an uninterrupted pathway for signal transmission between your alarm system and the Central Station.